Continuing my discussion and encouraging all to question everything, take a look at this point.

The reason for the specific Gallup poll isn’t what catches my eye. Note the number surveyed (random sample of 1,023 adults). Looking through 20 different polls, the largest number sampled was 5,009. Most of the samples were of 1,023 people.

Keeping this in mind, make note of what these polls really reflect in relationship to a United States population of almost 331 million (allegedly).

Let’s say 100 million of 331 million are children and you have an adult population of 231 million, this means 1,023 is only .00000442857142857% of the total. You read that correctly and yes you are correct to conclude that the sample is in no way a recognizable percentage of the population.

You should be alarmed and angry. This is a systemic issue we are faced with in every aspect of our lives. The idea that our public policy, social perspective, knowledge, and opinions are framed and projected onto the population by a media and polling companies that allegedly survey our nation using an unrecognizably small percentage of the population is all the evidence you need to understand how truly dishonest and disgusting things have really become.

You are being constantly lied to and exploited.

By parrish4mn

Phillip C Parrish