4110 Precinct Captions will be armed with the knowledge to stop election fraud:

  • Ethernet cables that are plugged into the voting machines are definitely not allowed and must be reported immediately by every means possible
  • Mimi WiFi dongles inserted in a USB port of voting machines should be easily detected but can be hard to spot
  • Active WiFi signals should all be brought down and disabled during voting; simple monitoring with a cellphone keeping your WiFi systems settings open to detect signals can detect WiFi signals
  • Cellphones emitting a hot spot are not only prohibited but people found broadcasting a hot spot should be immediately removed from the voting area and their phone should be confiscated by law enforcement
  • No person of any position, at the voting station, should be allowed to carry in or out any bags without 2 and 3 person inspection

Election integrity matters to all citizens. It’s not about race color or creed. It’s about equal protection under the law!

By parrish4mn

Phillip C Parrish