Start asking questions! Start asking who, what, where, when, why! (hint- make note of the word parasite)

Start asking why the fake news media, WHO, and many elected officials have lied and continue to lie to you. If you don’t believe you are being lied to, start asking, who, what, where, when, and why! You tell me what you come up with for answers.

Ask yourself why critical aspects of the alleged pandemic are omitted and in some cases unlawfully censored. Ask why WHO, Biden, Chinese Communist Party and their U.S. media propaganda machines don’t openly discuss the connections between parasites-coronavirus-SARS! Ask yourself why specific persons or groups in their labs are creating mutated Frankenstein diseases and organisms (gain-of-function) and then lying to you about who, what, where, when, and why! Not just lying, but actually using violence, threats of violence, and emotional coercion to stop people from seeing and hearing the truth to make people participate in the lie.

If your pride or ego is getting in the way, please stop. Let go of your embarrassment and shame and accept the fact that you have been manipulated by some of the sickest and depraved people among us. Accept that this group is focused on a culture of death that is beyond understanding. Accept the fact that they intend you harm at any cost. Get past your pride and ego and start asking questions!

By parrish4mn

Phillip C Parrish