I had the privilege and honor of serving our Nation, our constitutional Republic, the United States of America, for more than 21 years. When I think of the enormous sacrifice of life made on June 6, 1944 and witness now what our nation has become, I can’t help but feel anger and sadness. However, I am overcome with inspiration as I know for fact that the things done to push back evil was righteous and true, and I pray my brothers and sisters arise in righteousness and help me, along with the majority like me, to protect and defend our Republic, ONE NATION UNDER GOD! In the name of the Father, Son, and Holly Spirit, Amen

PS those among us attempting to rewrite history and demonize the righteous while denying and hiding the evil truth about dictators like Hitler, communists, and socialists, and their collective obsession with genocide, i.e. abortion proponents, globalists, and population control advocates are vile indecent people that must be opposed!

By parrish4mn

Phillip C Parrish