As a military intelligence professional, 21 years of analysis and reporting, I was repeatedly exposed to data regarding chemical, biological, and nuclear warfare initiatives and agendas of several military entities. The most difficult challenge the bio and chemical warfare monsters had was disbursement, controlled spread of the bio or chemical weapon. Weaponizing the bio or chemical agent in a way they could affectively and efficiently target their enemy without killing those they didn’t intend to kill.

These are facts studied by every military on the planet.

So now I want you to ask yourself some questions as you keep in mind the growing evidence that Fauci, CDC, NIH, WHO, countless elected officials, and the Chinese Communist Party have repeatedly lied, hidden information, and knowingly disseminated propaganda that has caused people to die. I want you to ask yourself a list of if then therefore questions. You can immediately deduce the topics I am suggesting without stating them.

Remember, these monsters funded gain of function (chemical and biological warfare development) research, lied that they didn’t, tried to hide what they did, spread propaganda to cover up what they did, and ultimately are pushing an alleged Vax that may actually be a – – – – – – (you fill in the letters)

By parrish4mn

Phillip C Parrish