So the truth about the alleged pandemic (a bio weapon), big pharma, Anthony Fauci, corrupt politicians, an international money laundering scheme, and hiding/banning/suppressing effective treatment, are all teetering on the verge of going full mainstream news. Do you think the news media (owned by big pharma and international criminals) will own their participation in the propaganda and scheme? Or, will they create a more sick and pathological narrative or agenda to hide their immoral and inhuman acts?

I know, I know, yes they will.

To my fellow intelligence professionals, law enforcement partners, and special operators,

Please find a way, through legal and appropriate channels, to bring the whole truth to the surface. Stop listening to those that say it will cause panic, do more harm than good, or the people can’t handle it. Start instinctively and steadfastly relying on the truth and do not accept anything less than the truth from any of your associates.

By parrish4mn

Phillip C Parrish