It’s not about race, color, creed, or religion. It is about behaviors. Detracting with premeditated narratives about race, color, creed, and religion to incite and coerce people into conflict and ignore behaviors is a tactic meant to create a permissive environment that tolerates depraved behaviors.

Depraved behaviors.
Behaviors that cannot be tolerated:
Killing, honor killings, terrorists’ use of killing
Killing babies.
Sex trafficking.
Raping and mutilating children.
Paying for and organizing terrorist groups.
Lying and committing fraud.
Cheating others.
Exploiting others.
Forced marriage.
Marrying your sibling.
Marrying under false pretenses.
Creating false narratives to exploit people.
Paying groups of people with the purpose of causing harm and destabilizing communities.
Sexually depraved activities, agendas, and false teachings that promote and normalize, sexual mutilation of the body, sodomizing of children, using and exploiting women for sex, and all behaviors and ideologies that defile the body and human dignity.

Much can be added to this list but the point must be clear. This is about unacceptable behaviors. Behaviors that cannot be tolerated or normalized for any reason. Those that use race, color, creed, and religion to justify, hide, manipulate, and coerce people into conflict and create permissive environments are vile and wicked people that intend harm.

By parrish4mn

Phillip C Parrish