My fellow Americans and especially Minnesotans,

Please listen to this Forum News event, especially minutes 29:25 – 36:52. Gov. Tim Walz states “the capital was stormed by people intent on killing the Vice President and the speaker of the house at the urging of the President”

As I said on several of my FTWP programs in the past week, it’s you Tim Walz, you are the one responsible for goading and urging people to violence. You have been doing it since the day you stepped into office. Your lies, manipulation, exploitation of the public, and DNC coordinated false narratives have caused harm and you are pushing people into a corner that you knowingly understand will cause violence.

By the way, if there was no election fraud in Minnesota, why hasn’t Secretary of State, Steve Simon complied with several court orders to turn over voter-registration records? Why hasn’t the State complied with full audit of the voter roles? What are you hiding? Your arrogance, fake outrage, hypocrisy, and outlandish dishonesty is what is causing and inflaming violence. Your child being frightened is on you. You and the DNC have been knowingly building this narrative since 2016 or earlier.

By parrish4mn

Phillip C Parrish