The August 9, 2022, primary is only days away. All Minnesotans must pay close attention to a list of issues that they will face when they go to the poll.

Who exactly is running for the 2022 Minnesota Governor seat? How are you to discern who to vote for? Have you heard about or researched any of the candidates? Do you understand how important it is to participate in the Minnesota August 9primary? If you have not done so already, please go to the candidate filing link and verify who has filed:

The official list includes (random order):

Hugh McTavish and Mike Winter               Independence-Alliance

Gabrielle Prosser and Kevin Dwire            Socialist Workers   

Bob Carney Jr and Captain Jack Sparrow Republican

Scott Jensen and Matt Birk                           Republican

Joyce Lynne Lacey and Kent Edwards       Republican

Ole Savior and Julia M Parker                      Democratic-Farmer-Labor            no website

Tim Walz and Peggy Flanagan                     Democratic-Farmer-Labor  

Steve Patterson and Matt Huff                   Grassroots – Legalize Cannabis    no website

Darrell Paulsen and Ed Engelmann           Grassroots – Legalize Cannabis    no website

James McCaskel and David Sandbeck      Legal Marijuana Now

Chris Wright and Lawrence Converse      Legal Marijuana Now

In your research it is important to review their Minnesota Campaign Finance Board filings:  I put more weight in my decisions based on accuracy, timeliness, but not total dollars. In fact, in most cases, immediately eliminate the candidate with the most money in receipts and cash on hand as that is a strong indicator that they are connected to the nefarious political elite globalist machine.

Now that you have researched and established the candidates based on official records and fillings, dig into the facts about where they live, how long they have lived there, and all the social media data you can possibly find. Start with basic browser searches. Do not necessarily look at the first thing that comes to the top of the list–dig deeper. Realize that much information about candidates may be false or fake information rather than factual. Do repeated and in-depth searches on social media accounts and platforms regarding every candidate. As I said in my previous article, use the following as good criteria:

  • If typical Minnesota press is writing hit pieces and attacks on the candidate, you are on the right track for a candidate worth supporting and getting involved with.
  • If Tim Walz, Angie Craig, Ilhan Omar, Keith Ellison, the DFL, DNC, Southern Poverty Law Center, are writing hit pieces and op adds against the candidate, you are looking at the right candidate.
  • If David Hahn (MN GOP Chair) and Kurt Daudt and his nefarious Minnesota House Republican Campaign Committee (HRCC) are running candidates, op adds, and hit pieces against the candidate, you are looking at the right person to support.

After learning as much about the information noted so far, I have a set of principles I look for that are not negotiable. I am not suggesting that candidates will meet every single one of these, but they must be close. The candidate must demonstrate through actions not words:

  • A deep and steadfast understanding that America is a constitutional republic. 
  • That principles of democracy cannot function without the rule of law. 
  • That America’s rule of law is based on our constitutional republic. 
  • That our freedoms are endowed by our creator, God. 
  • That life begins at conception and ends at natural death.

After my research and investigation using the above, the only candidate remaining is Scott Jensen and Matt Birk.

Interesting side note to the DFL and their paid subversives, I strongly suggest they stay on their side of the fence, and do not do their normal crossover to disrupt Republicans. Crossing over to disrupt Republican outcomes in the primary will bite them in the ass this year. If the DFL and their paid subversives do cross over, pretending to be Republicans at the polls, they will not be able to maintain their typical manipulation or attempts to control the general election ballot. They will lose their favorite DFL candidates.

By parrish4mn

Phillip C Parrish