After everything we have been subjected to, all the lies and coercion, people dying, and some of our own government officials participate in hiding and suppressing the truth, we cannot allow a single political seat to be uncontested.

Please get involved today!

Here are a few step-by-step ways to get started. This is not all inclusive but with a little effort on your part you can challenge an uncontested seat.

First, look at the current registered candidates: In that page are links to look at all or parts to the respective seats you are interested.

You may be wondering what district you live in. Be careful to make sure you are looking at the 2022 districting and if you are not sure, you can use these maps to help you, or a friend find the right seat to go after.

Minnesota House of Representatives:

Minnesota Senate:

United States House of Representatives (Congressional Districts):

Become a candidate:

You can become a candidate. You don’t need anyone’s approval or permission. You can follow the steps, pay the fee, and get on the primary ballot and in some cases, uncontested, the general election ballot. Follow the steps and get involved.

By parrish4mn

Phillip C Parrish