I am Phillip Parrish.

I am running for Governor to give all Minnesotans a voice.

I am doing this because of what I have seen and heard, and more importantly, what other key leaders and candidates are not saying. We as Minnesotans and Americans are beautiful people; generous and loving. We run to the aid of people in need. Minnesotans understand and respects life’s hardships. We love our great State, its natural resources, our beautiful landscapes, and our heritage. A frontiersman-like spirit remains, and we understand it takes all people working together to survive. The phrase, Minnesota Nice, sticks and reflects proudly on our communities.

However, we are not prepared for people who celebrate extortion, exploitation, and manipulation to achieve goals. We have enabled violent, abusive, and ill-intended people. Under my administration, Minnesotans will no longer fund jihadists through the exploitation of social programs. We will no longer train ill-intended people for nefarious and terrorist activities. We will not provide refuge to illegals, illicit front companies, and foreign non-government organizations. Unelected officials, such as the Met Council, will not have the authorities to affect all Minnesotans. No longer will we be exploited for our loving, kind, and generous nature. We will be respected for our humane and courageous treatment of all people.

My top priorities will be to support private healthcare programs through access to care and private insurance; to cut individual and corporate taxes including removing “death tax” policies; to expose and remove policies that promote sanctuary cities and programs; to end taxpayer-funded programs that threaten life (conception to natural death); to end programs that promote foreign government interests and policies; to rescind executive orders that overburden small and large businesses; to challenge Minnesota education programs and restore our place as the gold standard in the nation; and to make extraordinary efforts to modernize our transportation, energy, and communication infrastructure.

I am Phillip Parrish.

I look forward to meeting and speaking with you soon.