A bogus straw poll at a meeting where old delegates, many of who will not be delegates in the 2022 election cycle, but useful because it illustrates the same approximately 200 political operatives that are completely out of touch with the real world and most Minnesotans, which is premeditated to help the political elite.

The only way this changes:

  1. Every decent upstanding Minnesota legal citizen shows up at at the February 1st 2022 Minnesota caucuses and overruns the Republican and Democrat meetings, removes the out of touch political operatives in both parties, and brings some decency back to leadership.
  2. Every good upstanding Minnesota citizen that can file for an office must file. It does not matter what party you file as. Just get up and run for office! Stop waiting for the alleged political leaders of either party to help you or back you. You don’t need them.

Good and decent legal Minnesotan citizens of all walks of life must stand up in 2022 and end the march toward communism the political elite are on.

By parrish4mn

Phillip C Parrish