If you thought it was just a theory in 2020, or you thought it was all just a coincidence, what do you think now? The issues and threats to our families, children, and communities are real. The use of the school systems, curriculum, and the education industry to cause harm is real! CRT and multiple unethical and immoral sexual agendas being pushed through the education system is a premeditated systematic threat to humanity.

From my writings in January 2020: “What if I told you and could prove that an international criminal network connected to pedophilia and the fake news networks is the primary source of education materials at every level of education in America?”

Here is your starting point. Do the research for yourself. It’s not a coincidence that the same companies have layers of interrelated companies (#1 indicator of money laundering schemes). If you have ever wondered about the rampant rise in questionable education curriculum and now the rise in revisionist history and out right lies found in textbooks, just take the next step and contemplate the reality of what the owners of these publishing companies have been involved in for decades!

The following are screenshots of time stamped data you can use to inspire your own research. If you think this is all just an innocent misunderstanding, I ask you respectfully to stop and rethink what you have previously overlooked or passed off as coincidence.

By parrish4mn

Phillip C Parrish