Minnesota’s judicial system is a criminal enterprise sanctioned by corrupt governors and financed by foreign entities intending Americans harm.

The only way this changes is when every decent citizen willing and able runs for office. I don’t care what party you file as, run for office! Flood the primary!

I was asked to explain!

Where should we start?

  • The judges paid to leave office outside of election cycles so the new judge can be installed outside the election cycle?
  • The Governors that have installed judges bought and paid for by foreign persons, like George Soros?
  • The incumbent label that misleads the public and dose not disclose the fact the judge was installed was installed outside the election cycle?
  • The collusion between the attorney general and judges in politically motivated cases?
  • Decision after decision made by judges not in keeping with the constitution?

I mean no disrespect but I would kindly ask all take a look at just one of these points. Especially the point that our Minnesota constitution requires that judges are elected yet the majority are appointed outside the election cycle and the majority can be tied to corrupt financial transactions.

By parrish4mn

Phillip C Parrish