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Republican Roundtable Interview
Phillip C. Parrish, candidate for Minnesota governor, discusses his background as a naval intellegence specialist and as a teacher and school principal, and how those experiences inform his candidacy. Campaign issues include: illegal immigration, refugee resettlement, and sanctuary cities; senior citizens and retirees; indoctrination in education; Islamism and sharia law Max and Phil talk about the state convention and the importance of endorsements to the grassroots political process.

MPR News: Politics Friday: Republican candidate for governor, Phillip Parrish

From May 11, 2018: Republican Phillip Parrish, a Navy reservist, outlines his controversial views on Islam.

Freedom Talk with Phil
Rumors • Political Operatives • Behaviors of the Political Elite / Globalists

Policy Points with Phil #1
Phillip Parrish’s new video series called Policy Points with Phil. In this videos series he will be presenting specific policy points. We invite you to watch and share them.

Parrish for Governor – Please Contribute Today
I know you are tired of politics and your time is precious. I get it and understand why! I am not a politician. To thousands of you, I have been your Music teacher or Principal. Others I have served with in the military over the past 19 years as we were called away to defend our families, country, and freedom. Still others are long time friends or coworkers. Regardless of how or when our paths have crossed, I care about you and the problems facing all Minnesotans. Now I am running for Governor and I need your support. I realize some of you are resigned to a notion that regular people can’t beat the big money. It’s simply not true. We can win but I need your help today.

We have a golden opportunity in Minnesota to effect positive change. There is a way to help me beat the politicians and the big money special interests groups. Through the Political Contribution Refund program. A contribution up to $50 per person will be refunded to you. The process is simple and Minnesota residents will receive their $50 back within 4 to 6 weeks.

Straight Talk: Phillip Parrish

Straight Talk host, Bob Anderson, interviewed Phillip in September to discuss the gubernatorial race, issues and credentials.

Message for Delegates & Alternates

I am working hard to earn your trust and endorsement. My team and I are running a very smart and respectful campaign. We have not been blasting you with emails and phone calls. I want my phone calls and emails to be personable, timely, and meaningful to you.

“Up and at ’Em” with Jack Tomczak and Benjamin Kruse

From Friday, November 10, 2017: Republican gubernatorial candidate Phillip Parrish interview on “Up and at ’Em” discussing immigration.