Dear American,

If you or your friends and family can’t see the war being waged on the American people by the Biden admin, Fauci, UN, NIH, WHO, along with multiple comprised U.S. agencies, at the direction of the Chinese Communist Party, you are not listening or you are refusing to hear the truth. The use of, propaganda to cause fear, bio weapons, threats, coercion, manipulation of the economy, paying terrorist groups to cause destabilization of communities, organizing and facilitating mass infiltration of communities with disingenuous migrants and alleged refugees, and more, is real. Too many people have grown complacent and lazy. Everyone must start questioning everything. Think for just a few moments about just one of the exhausting examples double talk and lies you have been told. Ask yourself why would Biden and democrats create mass hysteria about Russia and China during the Trump admin but now having power, the Biden admin along with a majority of compromised legislators push through legislation that favors Russia and China? If you, your family, or your friends can’t see the war being waged on Americans and decent human beings, of all walks of life, you are a foolish and lazy person.

By parrish4mn

Phillip C Parrish