I want to make my assessment regarding the Ukraine – Russia conflict abundantly clear. I am not defending Russia. I am defending truth.

Ukraine is a cesspool of corruption and transit point for criminals of all walks of life. Things got better under President Trump because a lot of criminal activity in Ukraine and money coming directly from U.S. tax dollars got shutdown and he ended the meddling in foreign elections. These were the actions and activities that motivated the protracted Russia hoax.

Biden immediately went back to the criminal activities of the Obama area and the NATO and EU expansion agendas. The alleged bio-labs or possible fronts for CIA stations (annex) were/are a threat. The globalist political elite constant meddling in Ukrainian elections to install anti-Russian leaders, yes I said installed, is a threat to Russia.

All the msm propaganda and political elite lies won’t change these facts. It’s a mess and a threat to Russia because that is what the political elite globalists want it to be. They want their activities to be a threat to Russia. The globalists won’t be happy until they get what they want and get it the way they want it. I would add that many of the globalists are immoral degenerates that pose an imminent threat to all humanity. All of this is a threat to Russia. Russia is correct in feeling threatened.

Again, I am not defending Russia or making a case for Russia’s actions. I am however, clearly pointing out that Biden and his world order accomplices have been aggressively threatening Russia for decades while they play victim. It’s a sick vile game they are playing with peoples lives and they don’t care what the consequences are. They especially don’t actually care about the Ukrainian or Russian people.

Phillip C Parrish, LCDR, USN (Ret)
21 years counter terrorism and foreign policy expert

By parrish4mn

Phillip C Parrish