Dear Minnesotans,

The compromised Minnesota Democrat Farm Labor Party does not represent the majority of Minnesotans. The majority of Minnesotans do not believe in the MNDFL abortion agenda of killing babies up to and after birth. The majority does not believe in the moral and intellectual bankrupt ideologies the MNDFL are forcing on our children and families. The MNDFL does not represent anything resembling democracy or decency.

All 71 MNDFL House of Representatives can and should be removed. It can be done. Citizens across the state can file for office and can restore decency to our great state. We can protect our children, families, and communities.

If you don’t know who your representative is, start finding out.

If you don’t know who’s running, start keeping an eye on who has filed.

If you don’t see anyone trying to remove a MNDFL member, start asking yourself why you aren’t filing for office.

All 71 of these MNDFL seats are in play and they can be removed.

71 MNDFL Members Can Be Removed

Do you recognize where you live and who represents you? Do they represent you or your community? Are they a good representation of your community?

By parrish4mn

Phillip C Parrish