American Information Warfare Militia (AIWM)

Welcome to American Information Warfare Militia (AIWM). We are building an information warfare team that will combat the psychological warfare operations (PSYOPS) and propagandists we are all being subjected to. Our team knows and understands we are saving lives by helping people learn how to discern the truth for themselves. Team members are required to accept that we must remain committed to an ethos that we will not personally benefit financially from any of our work.

I am Phillip C Parrish, LCDR, USN (Ret), 21 years counterterrorism and foreign policy expert. I am a retired Information Dominance Warfare Officer. I will lead this team with the intent to work myself out of the job. In other words, my success will be measured by my ability to train others and train the trainers so that we successfully pass on skills, tactics, methods, knowledge, and a working desire to help people help themselves.

Our effort emerged from frustration and a passion to help others cope with a level of premeditated ill intentions all people are suffering from. The ideal would be that people could trust all people to tell the truth but that is not to be. We must help people learn how they can protect themselves from the PSYOPS, propagandists, and other physical and emotional herding tactics of anyone intending harm.

This page will provide the initial building block. We will grow in presence and reach across many platforms and communication vehicles. If you are interested in becoming a member of this team, please start connecting with Phillip on all his media platforms so you can stay tuned for additional information and upcoming meetings.