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Help us win endorsement and gain momentum for a victory in November 2018.

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I’d enjoy the opportunity to share my plans for leading Minnesota into more freedoms.


Join our team and you’ll have the opportunity to work to make a difference for Minnesotans.

Parrish for Governor

I know you are tired of politics and your time is precious. I get it and understand why!

I am not a politician. To thousands of you, I have been your Music teacher or Principal. Others I have served with in the military over the past 19 years as we were called away to defend our families, country, and freedom. Still others are long time friends or coworkers. Regardless of how or when our paths have crossed, I care about you and the problems facing all Minnesotans.

We have a golden opportunity in Minnesota to effect positive change. There is a way to help me beat the politicians and the big money special interests groups—through the Political Contribution Refund program. A contribution up to $50 per person will be refunded to you. The process is simple and Minnesota residents will receive their $50 back within 4 to 6 weeks.

I am fighting to restore freedom, security, and prosperity to Minnesota citizens. Please join the fight and put Minnesota first.

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