Dear All,

Don’t get it twisted! And don’t let the ruling class twist it!

We the people are the Government, the governing body! We are the rightful owners of the organization we call the United States and the agencies we choose to authorize. The fact it has been compromised by intellectually and morally broken subversives, doesn’t change the law. Stop buying their propaganda and coercion tactics.

We aren’t overthrowing anything. We are removing inappropriate, treasonous, compromised people, and their agendas. It is our right and obligation as Americans to remove all persons that do not support and defend our sovereign constitutional republic.

Every single ounce of the globalist agenda and it’s proponents are the real threat to the world and all people. Their disingenuous words of peace, inclusion, and unity are all meant to hide their true intentions of unlimited control over all people. They are liars and thieves. Satan is the author of lies and they are doing Satan’s work.

By parrish4mn

Phillip C Parrish