The Biden administration is doing everything it can to manufacture a win. They have spent decades giving every loser on earth a trophy for last place so now they have to manufacture ways to give themselves a pat on the back.

-COVID not going as planned
-OMICRON not going as planned
-Vax not going as planned
-Ukraine fake crisis not going as planned
-Losing case after case in federal court
-Now let’s distract by forcing a Supreme Court Justice to retire so they can appoint

So they can call themselves winners and claim to be heroes, they resort to behaviors that can be clinically diagnosed as Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy.

We are witnessing what life looks like when we allow mentally ill persons to live out their delusional psychotic ideas without being confronted with the truth. They are losers and psychopaths.

By parrish4mn

Phillip C Parrish