Dear Minnesotans,

As you listen to the MNDFL and Minnesota militant legacy media’s gaslighting and propaganda, ask yourself some basic questions.

Is it infrastructure improvement or personal favors picking winners and losers? Read HF 669 and 670 closely. Who gets to pick and choose what is important? Did it go to local committees or townhalls? Do outstate Minnesotans need to pay for pet projects in municipalities that are of no benefit to most Minnesotans? Remember we are just rocks and cows to Tim Walz.

Read the bonding bills and laws publication, linked below. Bond is borrowed money. Borrowed from who? What rate and terms of payments? Who guarantees the bond (borrowed money)? Taxpayers, do you agree with being on the hook for the projects detailed in the bill? 

By the way, how does this reflect on or relate to the alleged $17.5 billion surplus? Who is doing the math? Who is asking questions? Do the current persons in the majority know how to do math?

HF 669

HF 670

Major Capital Investment and Bonding Bills and Laws, 1963-present

By parrish4mn

Phillip C Parrish