There is zero trust in Joe Binden, CDC, NIH, Biden Administration, Biden State Department and U.S. Government in general. The lies are blatant. The disingenuous narratives to cover the lies, the use of emotional coercion to distract people from the truth, the blatant and illegal censorship by government officials and big tech to hide the truth, gaslighting, and propaganda are all tactics of people that intend others harm.

The culture of death that dominates the current administration, woke community, and political elite can not be denied or ignored. They are acting on their beliefs in population control, eugenics, social engineering, brain washing, and superior race ideologies. Their disingenuous inclusion and acceptance narratives are cover for their intent to purge targeted populations.

These people are intellectually and morally bankrupt. They are evil.

By parrish4mn

Phillip C Parrish