My fellow Americans,

Our founders brilliantly designed and built our Republic in a way to insure no group, no matter how large or small, could rule unjustly over another. We awaken these days to find a very sick and sinister small group of people that have methodically achieved positions of power, weaponized government agencies, along with communications infrastructure and big tech companies, to rule over all other people and achieve a political agenda that is in conflict with our Republic. These people intend to destroy the very protections they disingenuously cling to. This group of back stabbing, gaslighting monsters, who play victim and exploit the hearts of descent Americans, intend the harm they cause. They are neither victims nor do they represent any minority group they claim to. They are intentional perpetrators who premeditate the hate, violence, and chaos that their calculated agendas cause.

Trust the Holy Spirit to help you discern good from bad. Trust the gift of intuition God gave you. Trust in Jesus. Do not allow people to exploit, deceive, and abuse you or your loved ones. You are not being a “Good Christian” by standing silently watching evil cause harm. You are not a bad person when you choose to stand and say to these wicked people: enough, you are wrong, and repent or be gone, in Jesus’s name.

God speed my brothers and sisters in Christ

By parrish4mn

Phillip C Parrish