Dear All, Especially Survivors of Abuse and Exploitation,

We are all teachers and students. The use of fear, shame, and guilt are roadblocks to learning and growing. Start teaching and learning how to survive and rid yourself of those that use fear, shame, and guilt to teach you a lesson.

The abuser exploits fear, shame, and guilt without hesitation. They use intellectually and morally broken tactics to gaslight you and control you. They want you confused and in doubt so that you do not see or identify their behaviors as abuse.

Learn how to survive. Teach others to survive. Honesty and courage are your weapons for battle. Your integrity is yours, don’t let anyone or anything take it from you. Never become what you have fought to overcome. The wicked will tempt you to become what they truly are, liars and abusers destined for hell.

Only one teacher and student, master and servant, has invited you to learn through honesty and courage. Only one, who exemplifies what is right and true. His name is Jesus and he invites you to learn and grow. He does not promise an easy path. His promise is life and liberation from those that intend you harm.

By parrish4mn

Phillip C Parrish