I have serious questions for educators, public, private, home school, or other. Why are you there? What is your purpose? What are you ultimately trying to impart on the minds and hearts of the learner?

If your life and mission has become solely about curing or healing every alleged social injustice or failure on earth, you haven’t learned anything and you’re not teaching anyone. Ask yourself what the math teacher teaches. If your answer is math, you are wrong. The same is true for any subject. You don’t teach subjects. You teach students. The math teacher teaches students math. In every subject you are to be teaching students the logic streams, inquiry skills, how to form questions, hypothesis, learning patterns or styles that are needed to successfully become independent learners so they can move past the teacher’s guidance and expand their learning without your feedback or limitations.

If your life work has become about teaching social issues, you are nothing more than an opinion writer or an orator. You aren’t teaching anyone anything. You are just a gong banging in the wind.

Learners need to learn how to learn not what to learn. Learners need help building sound investigative and inquiry skills so that they can arrive at new, shared, or diverse understandings on their own and at their own pace.

Shame on educators and education systems that have become nothing more than propagandists preaching at learners empty agendas that will never have a foundation built on logic and reason.

By parrish4mn

Phillip C Parrish