Under the Minnesota Democrat Farm Labor Party:

  • Rampant Daycare fraud that lead to 100rds of millions flowing to terrorists organizations inside the U.S. and over seas.
  • Minneapolis nearly burnt to the ground
  • Rampant white collar crime conceived by primarily old white women and men, claiming to care about minorities but fully funding an abortion agenda targeting minorities.
  • Feed Our Children rampant COVID fraud, same white collar criminals that conceived the daycare fraud.
  • No prosecutions of fraud or exposure of those that aided and abetted fraud.
  • Lockdowns, lockouts, unconstitutional tyranny implemented under false narratives, no science, and criminal conspiracy to commit murder

If you, the everyday Minnesota citizen, don’t stand up and say you have had enough, the globalist controlled political elite will continue their plan to destroy everything and everyone that gets in the way of their sociopathic globalist agenda. The sick monsters believe they are benevolent in their evil satanic Thanos logic.

By parrish4mn

Phillip C Parrish