Dear Fathers everywhere,

Happy Father’s Day

Today I reflect on a portion of a speech I gave May 30, 2014.

When I wrote the speech that year (48 years old, husband, father, educator, combat veteran) I was already taking note of the effect the abortion and globalist agendas were having on our children, families, and society. Fast forward to 2023, the death cult agenda of the left, globalists, Uniparty ruling class sociopaths, can be vividly seen.

I boldly ask you to rise up against the death cult and their war on our children and families. I ask you to become the fathers we were created to be. I ask you to protect life and honor life.

Life begins at conception. Every notion otherwise is a lie and Satan is the author of lies. Turn away from sin and death, come to our Father in Heaven and become what he created us to be.

Many blessings,
Phillip C Parrish
18 June 2023

By parrish4mn

Phillip C Parrish