You can discern when you are being lied to and exploited. People like Joe Biden and his sycophants along with the militant legacy media don’t want you to think for yourself. They want you to focus on hysterical and intellectually broken narratives. That’s why they speak and write without ever letting you read or see the facts before they start forcing you to accept their narrative, which is almost always a lie.

I urge all to read the Supreme Court of The United States decision regarding Students For Fair Admissions, Inc. v. President and Fellows of Harvard College. To intrigue you to read it all, I highlight two portions. If you genuinely care about all people, you will read the entire document and arrive at you own conclusions.

From page 4:
The culmination of this approach came finally in Brown v. Board of Education, 347 U. S. 483. There, the Court overturned the separate but equal regime established in Plessy and began on the path of invalidating all de jure racial discrimination by the States and Federal Government. The conclusion reached by the Brown Court was unmistakably clear: the right to a public education “must be made available to all on equal terms.” 347 U. S., at 493. The Court reiterated that rule just one year later, holding that “full compliance” with Brown required schools to admit students “on a racially nondiscriminatory basis.” Brown v. Board of Education, 349 U. S. 294, 300–301

From page 80:
Both experience and logic have vindicated the Constitution’s colorblind rule and confirmed that the universities’ new narrative cannot stand. Despite the Court’s hope in Grutter that universities would voluntarily end their race conscious programs and further the goal of racial equality, the opposite appears increasingly true. Harvard and UNC now forthrightly state that they racially discriminate when it comes to admitting students, arguing that such discrimination is consistent with this Court’s precedents. And they, along with today’s dissenters, defend that discrimination as good. More broadly, it is becoming increasingly clear that discrimination on the basis of race—often packaged as “affirmative action” or “equity” programs—are based on the benighted notion “that it is possible to tell when discrimination helps, rather than hurts, racial minorities.” Fisher I, 570 U. S., at 328 (THOMAS, J., concurring).

By parrish4mn

Phillip C Parrish