Have you read the statutes for yourself? Have you come to your own conclusion? Or, are you listening to those that put you in this situation and never informed you of the statute that was signed 24 May 2023?

When and where did the governing bodies, duly informed, have the opportunity to comply with the party’s own constitution and rules? Did the governing bodies know that there was a problem? Did the governing bodies have the opportunity to discuss and review what was submitted to the Secretary of State?

I submit to you that if you take the time to think this through, for yourself, and fully understand the implications, you will conclude that specific MNDFL, in cooperation with nefarious political actors, intend all Republicans (Minnesota Citizens) harm and interfere with the 2024 election cycle. David Hann’s recent weak attempt to resolve this issue has actually violated our constitution, old and wrongly filed new, and puts the MNDFL Secretary of State, Steve Simon, squarely within the statutes language to remove major party status.

Minnesota Session Laws – 2023, Regular Session
Sec. 9. Minnesota Statutes 2022, section 200.02, subdivision 7, is amended to read:
Subd. 7. Major political party. (a) “Major political party” means a political party that maintains a party organization in the state, political division or precinct in question and that has presented; has complied with the party’s constitution and rules; is in compliance with the requirements of sections 202A.12 and 202A.13; files with the secretary of state no later than December 1 of each odd-numbered year a certification that the party has met the foregoing requirements, including a list of the dates and locations of each convention held; and meets all other qualification requirements of this subdivision.
(e) A major political party that does not submit the certification required by this subdivision loses major party status on December 31 of the year in which the party did not file the certification.
Presented to the governor May 23, 2023
Signed by the governor May 24, 2023, 9:26 a.m. https://www.revisor.mn.gov/laws/2023/0/62/laws.4.9.0#laws.4.9.0

2022 Minnesota Statutes
Subd. 4
. Constitution, filing. The chair of the state central committee of each party shall file with the secretary of state a copy of the party’s constitution and all amendments to the constitution as they are enacted.

I strongly encourage all Minnesota Republican State Central Delegates and Alternates to have a meeting to begin to resolve the continuing issues. Put your pride and ego aside and sit down to have an open dialogue.

You have good people among you that want these concerns resolved properly and amongst the people.

To ALL Minnesota Republican State Central Delegates and Alternates:
Please read this proposed call and if you agree with it,
fill out the Affirmation at the end of this email and return it to
[email protected]

http://[email protected]

(As authorized by: The Republican Party of Minnesota Constitution, Art. IX, Sect. 1, A
& the Bylaws of the Republican Party of Minnesota, Art. II, Sections 1 & 2)
TO: ALL Minnesota Republican State Central Committee DELEGATES & ALTERNATES
FROM: Duly Elected Delegates to the State Central Committee

Pursuant to Article II, Section 2 of the RPM Bylaws, a meeting of the State Central Committee is hereby called by a minimum of 25% of the Delegates of the State Central Committee who are from no fewer than 3 Congressional Districts.
These delegates believe there is a critical need for the State Central Committee to meet and take ALL necessary action, required by their fiduciary duty, to protect the Republican Party of Minnesota.
In order to

  • Protect the Republican Party of Minnesota from the clear consequences of noncompliance with MN Statute 200.02, Subd. 7, Definition of “Major Party”;
  • To ensure there is a compliance process put in place that provides clear timelines, direction and transparency for all necessary bodies of the Party and the individuals who have the duty to take the directed action;
  • Providing information to State Central Delegates and seated Alternates about the changes in the 2023 Minnesota Statutes which create multiple requirements for compliance by every Major Party. Noncompliance with these requirements, including the filing of a false certification of compliance, could result in the Republican Party of Minnesota LOSING MAJOR PARTY STATUS and/orIncurring additional litigation expenses; and
  • Allowing, within the agenda, a REQUIRED opportunity for the SCC body to discuss thisinformation amongst themselves and have all questions answered by the people to whom they would like to pose questions,
    the Delegates request this meeting be held Saturday, September 23 at 1:00 PM (Location TBD.)
    While the Party must call the meeting within 40 days, the Delegates, who have a fiduciary duty to protect the Party, are clearly directing the Party to call this meeting as soon as possible to ensure there is the time necessary for all bodies of the Party to come into the required compliance.
    To ensure Delegates and alternates from across the state can drive to the meeting the day of the meeting, these delegates are directing the Party to hold the meeting beginning no earlier than 1pm (with registration opening at 10am and closing at 1pm), at a location that will remain available until 10pm.
    The State Central Committee is composed of the Members, Delegates, and Alternates elected or appointedaccording to Article IX of the State Party Constitution and Bylaws as determined to be binding by the delegates and seated alternates after quorum is established at this meeting.

The Delegates request there be no registration fees for this EMERGENCY meeting to allow as many members of the body to participate as is possible. Donations to the Republican Party will be accepted via credit card payment prior to the meeting & in person at the event.

A formal call will be issued within 10 days of the called meeting date in the manner allowed by the Bylaws.

Information about these issues and the called meeting will be updated & available at
https://rebuildthemngop.com/ (https://rebuildthemngop.com/)

Affirmation of State Central Delegate
Joining State Central Delegate Call
For Immediate State Central Committee Meeting

I, _________________, am joining with other State Central Delegates to call for
(print name)
an immediate State Central Committee Meeting. See attached proposed call for this meeting.

I am a State Central Delegate in Congressional D
istrict _ .



Please return form to:
[email protected]

By parrish4mn

Phillip C Parrish