Dear Minnesotans,

The MNDFL and MNGOP are compromised organizations, owned and controlled by globalist minded technocrats that don’t have any genuine interest in We The People.

In 2014, as I ran for United States Senate and sought the Republican endorsement, it was clear that the MNGOP had a shadow power structure that was attempting to maintain the facade of a grassroots organization when they (those in the shadow power structure) had clearly moved toward using the Minnesota primary process and its ill intended August primary schedule to their advantage. I witnessed the same while I ran for Governor in 2018, and again while making a short bid for Secretary of State in 2022. This has also been documented and proven as countless Republican grassroots endorsed candidates were primaried by allegedly Republican PACs that got money from specific alleged Republicans that are now being fully exposed as globalist controlled uniparty shills.

The globalist controlled technocrats are a cancer in Minnesota. This is no longer Republicans versus Democrats, it is now good versus evil. The Minnesota statutes signed into law, May 2023, were put into play to further destabilize and eliminate all grassroots organizations and further strengthen the uniparty hold on election outcomes.

Dear Minnesota Citizens,

Look closely at the candidates arriving on the scene in preparation for 2024. Look closely at where they are from or allege to be from. Look from evidence of their financial backers and who their team is built around. Take note of how many Republican BPOUs have fallen into dysfunction and are not in compliance with their own local constitutions. Watch closely how the compromised caucus process is further compromised by the centralized uniparty stronghold.

I strongly encourage born and raised Minnesotans to rise up and file for office. We The People don’t care what party you file as anymore, we care that you are a good and decent person. A person that can’t be compromised by the globalist technocrats. Start using the primary process to our advantage and pull the rug out from under the uniparty!

By parrish4mn

Phillip C Parrish