I am Lieutenant Commander Phillip Parrish, Retired. I have 21 years experience in counter terrorism and foreign policy. In my research, combat training, and direct experience, I have been exposed to and analyzed countless amounts of data regarding chemical, biological, and nuclear warfare, much of which is public record, if you only care to look and read. I can personally verify the veracity of most of the facts found in this video. The alleged pandemic was and continues to be a bioweapon. This premeditated weaponized biologic was engineered to cause death and included a plan to use total warfare to bring about consolidated power, control wealth, and advance the agendas of those believing in depopulation and global dominance by the elite.

Please watch the video. The details regarding laboratories, officials public statements, historical legislative records, and more can all be verified in public records. I also stumbled on to an interesting publication regarding big pharmaceutical buying politicians. Follow the money.

By parrish4mn

Phillip C Parrish